Thursday, 9 October 2014

KPOP: SM Entertainment's Male group, EXO Falling Apart?

       When they debuted in January of 2012, EXO looked like the next big music group for Kpop. Showing off their vocals, rap technique, and dance, the group quickly rose in popularity, both in China (EXO-M) and Korea (EXO-K).
       The popularity quickly resulted in multiple award wins, including the 2013 MAMA Award for Album of the Year, un-seating fellow label-group Super Junior (who had won in 2011 & 2012). They were the next generation for SM Entertainment.
       But it is beginning to fall apart. It began in May, where EXO-M leader, Kris Wu filed a lawsuit towards SM Entertainment(SME) to terminate his contract. He criticized SME to not treating their artists fairly, reporting that the company had not allowed him to visit his family in Vancouver, Canada. It was not the first time SME received a lawsuit from an artist, Han Geng of Super Junior being the first. Kris has currently continued his career in China, acting and rumoured to be releasing an album in the near future.
       Super Junior was able to continue with the lose of one member, so it appeared EXO would be fine too. But as we are finding out now, a second member of EXO-M is filing a lawsuit against SME as well.
       On October 9, 2014 (KOR time), Luhan filed his lawsuit to nullify his contract with the company. There have been much speculation about this, but there were no hard evidence. Many had believed Luhan was on sick leave, recovering from intense fatigue. But that does not seem to be the case now, with reports that the relationship between the two sides have gone bad. Luhan had set a deadline to resolve this conflict, but it seems it has past, judging by the issuing of the lawsuit.
EXO, once started out as a 12 member group, is now, possibly down to 10 (6 in EXO-K, 4 in EXO-M). This leads to the question, "Can EXO still continue their success with the absence of two members?" Super Junior lost one member due to lawsuit and have continued to produce popular music. EXO members have been quiet these few weeks, possibly unsure themselves as to what will happen to them. They were shocked when Kris left, and this time with Luhan leaving, it could be a big blow. Can they come back and dominate the Kpop industry in the future?
       Aside from EXO, SM Entertainment have been through a tough year, losing artist after artist. Last week, popular member, Jessica was reportedly kicked out of Girl's Generation, causing SM's stocks to drop drastically. After Luhan's news was announced to the public, the stocks plummeted. It seems SME will continue to fall in stocks until they are able to resolve the drama within their company. It will need time before SM can come out and release what is happening within their organization.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Is SM Entertainment Losing its Hold on it's Idols?

       News has recently emerged that Jessica Jung, a member of the Kpop Idol group Girls Generation(SNSD), has been dropped by the agency, halting any plans she had with SNSD. This comes approximately 6 months after Kris Wu of EXO filed for a lawsuit, terminating his contract with SM, while F(x) member Sulli has left SM as well.
       Is there something going on within SM Entertainment that is forcing artists out? Both of this years issues have been linked to disputes between the artists' future and the plans of the agency. Jessica has recently begun her fashion line, and it seems that it is clashing with the plans SM has planned for her.
       Jessica's issue is not as severe as Kris', with SM Entertainment confirming that she will still be managed by the agency, the only change is that she will not be participating with SNSD in any of their promotional events or future albums as of now.
       But it seems that there is a misunderstanding between Jessica and SM. SM is stating that "This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she has notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one (more) album (source: allkpop)." But Jessica stated on Weibo differently.

      Jessica's post on her Weibo account states "I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed by my company and 8 others that as of today, I'm no longer a member. I'm devastated....I am being forced out."
       Fans from all over the world show their outrage about the news, Jessica being one of the bigger names of Girls Generation, many just hoping that this is just a misunderstanding between the two sides. Many, like with Kris and EXO, are stating that Girls Generation needs to be a 9 member group, incomplete if one is absent.
      Jessica has been noted to be seeing an attorney, maybe just for advice, but it could also mean a lawsuit could be waiting in the shadows.

       Over the last month, SM has noted the another member of EXO will be absent from promotions and shows. That member is Luhan, who is currently recovering from different symptoms, many saying related to extended fatigue. Information is swirling through the Internet, hinting that SM Entertainment and Luhan are headed to a crossroad. Luhan's declining health and SM's pressure for his return may just be the conflict between the groups.
       2014 has not been a good year for SM Entertainment and its' fans. But 2014 goes on, and we shall wait and see what it has in store for one of Korea's top entertainment corporations.

       Luhan has filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, seeking to nullify his contract with the company. It seems to be more than just absence due to illness that was keeping Luhan out of the SM Town World Concerts. Sources report that their have been conflicts between Luhan and SM Ent these past weeks. Luhan gave SM a deadline to resolve these differences, but it seems that the deadline has past. Luhan is apparently going in the same direction as former EXO-M leader Kris, with the same actions and law firm. With the possible exit of another member, could this be the end for EXO-M?

Hong Kong's Fight for Democracy

       The streets of Hong Kong are used to being crowded with people. But it has never been this type of crowded before. Thousands of protesters have crowded the streets of Hong Kong's business district, calling for democracy from China.
       This past weekend, Hong Kong citizens lined the streets, with police forces closely guarded with truncheons and shields, protesting for a fair and open election, and continuing to pressure Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying to resign.

       This should be no surprise for many who have followed the news about the Chinese government, with many citizens protesting against it for quiet a while.      
       An estimate of 40 or more people have been injured, citizens and police alike, as they initiated the protest. Photos captured shows many of the police force pepper spraying and forcefully fighting against the protesters. Tear gas was soon released on mass, forcing protesters to take cover and normal citizens to stay in their homes.
       As shown in the image, many citizens were unarmed, some with merely masks and umbrellas to defend themselves.
       Many other citizens, not participating in the riot are also being effected. Many banks have been closed off, chaotic streets have made it hard for seniors and children to leave their homes. "Everything is fine so far, but citizens have been holding it in for long enough," a pro-democratic citizen stated, though not participating in the protest.
       As of right now, the crowds and police force have dispersed, allowing for the injured to rest up. Many are watching this closely, as many citizens here in Canada have family over in Hong Kong, China. "I hope my parents are okay, they're on a trip in Hong Kong now," a OCAD University student shared, "I'm glad I immigrated to Canada a few years ago, I wouldn't want to be in that situation right now."
       With social media sites such as Instagram blocked by the Chinese government, many rely on Facebook and Twitter to receive news an photos for updates. "Stay strong and safe" is a common phrase from those watching oversees.
       Democracy should not be something people should risk their lives for. People deserve the right to vote fairly, to have a government that supports its citizens They should not need so much violence to obtain what should already be theirs.

October 1, 2014 UPDATE
       The streets are in a peaceful state Tuesday morning, but transportation around is still a problem for many citizens. My correspondent in Hong Kong reports "It's peaceful here. Transportation through the roads are blocked, but MTR(Hong Kong subway) is okay."
       The police have also been working hard during these few days. Shown as the 'bad guys' in many articles, the police have been working hard to keep everyone in the city safe, "some working for 30 straight hours," reported my correspondent.
       Citizens are camping out on the streets during the day, lighting up the city with their cellphones while singing during the night. All is peaceful at this time.
       During this peaceful period in the streets of Hong Kong, citizens are still waiting peacefully for the resignation of Leung Ching-Ying soon. October 1 is the National Day in Hong Kong and many are hoping that it ends on a positive note.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

K-Pop Powerhouses, YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment, Set to Clash August 1

     August seems to be the month the big names are coming out to play. YG Entertainment has readied their fans for the big debut of WINNER, their boy group that will lead them in the next generation. Alongside WINNER, YG is also hinting about BIG BANG's comeback, the group who has led the company to stardom. SM Entertainment is also preparing the debut of their new girl group, Red Velvet, simultaneously with their 13 member group SUPER JUNIOR, preparing for their comeback.
     It's not a mere coincidence that YG's WINNER, and SM's Red Velvet are both reported to debut on August 1, 2014! Fans of each group have waited a long time to get their first look at what the new groups can do.
     Especially the fans of WINNER, who were supposed to debut at the conclusion of their show, WINNER TV, but was postponed by the company. Introduced through YG's reality competition, WIN: Who Is Next, WINNER has been seen together as a group for a bit more than a year now. Many netizens can be quoted "Why don't they just debut them already!" Though the company have given many teasers, with videos to photoshoots, all the fans seem to want is the debut of the group. August 1, is the groups "Grand Launch," fans will be waiting.
UPDATE: YG Ent released the album teaser for WINNER Aug 1st, announcing the debut album will be released on August 8, 2014. Once again, WINNER fans are left waiting a bit longer.
 The fans of Red Velvet, have been waiting a bit longer, though the group was not officially put together until last week. Fans were introduced to this new members through SM's, SM-ROOKIES. The members have made covers, and even sung soundtracks for Korean dramas. This is SM's first girl group debut since f(x), back in 2009. Red Velvet will make their stage debut on August 1 on Music Bank.
     Moving onto the veteran, world established groups, BIG BANG and SUPER JUNIOR, have gone head to head for quite some time now. Debuting in 2006 and 2005 respectively, these two groups have had their share in the international spotlight. Both groups' last Korean album release was back to 2012, STILL ALIVE by Big Bang and SEXY, FREE, AND SINGLE by Super Junior. At the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards, the most prestigious award ceremony for K-Pop, each received 3 top awards
     Super Junior: Album of the Year, Best Global Group - Male, and Best Line Award

                       Big Bang: Best Male Group, Artist of the Year, and Best Male Solo (G-Dragon)

     Both veteran groups are expected to come up with high end songs once again. With SuJu leader Leeteuk returning from military duties, and Big Bang coming back together after each member released solo albums/tracks, it will be interesting to see what music they can create after 2 years.
     This will be an interesting battle, as the young and the old are set to battle off in the K-music world.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Bolt-less 100m Final Lacks Star Power and Speed: Commonweatlh Games

       The 100m Final is usually the main event of every Track and Field competition. Especially in recent years, with the likes of Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Tyson Gay, and Justin Gatlin constantly facing off. But this years Commonwealth Games gives us a less star studded line-up at the starting line.
       With the stars out for many reasons, whether it be injury or personal reasons, the Commonwealth Games boasted what could possibly be the next generation of sprinters.
       The fastest man going into the men's 100m final today was Jamaica's Bailey-Cole, posting a time of 10.01 in qualifiers. Though it can't be called a slow time, track followers are used to the sub 10 second 100m that accompanies the event.
       K. Bailey-Cole stayed consistent during the final, running a 10.00sec 100, beating out England's Gemili's 10.10sec.
       We are hearing that Bolt will be available to run in the 4x100m tomorrow, so we can expect the track to be faster as the the 6-time Olympic Gold medalist takes the track for team Jamaica.

Young Canadian Talent Gaining Experience
       Canadians Aaron Brown and Donate Richards-Kwok both participated in the men's 100m semifinal today, finishing 5th(10.17sec) and 8th(10.42) respectively.
       On the women's side, Khamica Bingham finished 7th in the women's 100m final, finishing with a time of 11.37, slightly slower than her PB, 11.32, which she set in the semifinals earlier during the day.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Richmond Hill Native to debut with Korea's SM Entertainment this August

     It is a dream for many young people, and Wendy Shon has done it. A 2012 graduate and alumni of Richmond Hill High School, Wendy will become only SM's third artiste to have links to Canada, second to be from Ontario (Henry being the first).
     During her grade 11 year at Richmond Hill High School, Wendy was named Musician of the Year, one of the highest honours she could achieve at the school. From there, she took off, auditioning for Cube Entertainment in 2011 at the Vancouver, BC auditions. 
     Though she did not land the contract, she gained valuable experience, the experience needed to, as we now know, to debut with one of Korea's Big Three, SM Entertainment in 2012. 
     Much controversy arose when SM first released photos of the "SMROOKIE" in 2013, when the trainee was shown to have lost weight, looking different when she attended RHHS. This change could have been from aging, and becoming more mature. Another speculation is the makeup that SM applied to her, making her look different. Some netizens were leaning towards plastic surgery, but that does not seem the case.
     Long before her debut to the fans, she was making her own covers of popular songs. ( 
She would continue to make music pre-debut, singing the OST for the Korean drama, Mimi titled, "Because I Love You," giving fans internationally a peak at her talents. the talent that students at Richmond Hill High School have always known and loved. 
     Through similar scenarios in the rise to Korean spotlight, we know it was a long and hard journey for Wendy, and we wish her the best when she makes her debut, fulfilling a dream that might have sprung right out of Richmond Hill. Wendy Fighting!!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Going Home. Lebron, A Cavalier Once Again

       Lebron is going back to where it all started. Cleveland is where King James has decided to go after opting out of the remaining years of his contract with the Miami Heat. With that, let the shift in Eastern powerhouse begin.
       Cleveland, building off their previous years at the draft table, notably recent No.1 pick Andrew Wiggins, is a much different team since "The Decision" was aired in 2010. Kyrie Irving(drafted No.1 in 2011) and Tristan Thompson(drafted No. 4 in 2011) led the rebuild in Cleveland, followed by Dion Waiters (drafted No.4 in 2012). And of course, who could forget the Canadians Anthony Bennett (No.1 in 2013) and Andrew Wiggins (No.1 in 2014).
       With the addition of King James on the roster, Cleveland can now be considered a favourite to contend for the NBA Championships. Though young and lacking playoff experience, James has much more of a supporting staff than his prior years with Cleveland.
       Will Lebron fit with this young team, leading on and off the court is the only question. James, who carries his team on most occasions, can leave his teammates in his shadows. What the Cavs need to do now is find a system that allows James to produce the most numbers, as well as elevate the play of the younger, more inexperienced Cavaliers (with Wiggins coming up, can Lebron take him under his wing?)
       With Lebron finally off the market, we expect other big names to take their place on certain teams. Bosh is rumoured to join the Rockets now that James has left Miami. Carmelo Anthony, where he winds up, most aren't expecting a return to Denver, but anything can happen.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Poor Showing from Brazil at World Cup Semi-Finals

       Brazil. The Host Nation, one of the favourites to win. Loses two players in the quarter-finals, and they come out flat against fellow powerhouse Germany.
       At halftime, all who remain at the Maracana are Germans and the odd, hopeful, Brazilian. The score is 5-0, and it has been that way since the 28th minute.
       Brazil, coming into this game, after losing star forward Neymar Jr. and Captain Thiago Silva, have no one to blame but themselves. Yes, Silva's presence on the pitch could have changed the defence during the German attack, but the 5 goals in 28 minutes is unprecedented at this stage of the World Cup. Neymar can't be the blame either, his injury came at a timely moment in the tournament, and the team had to cope.
     Clearly, they did not. One can blame Juan Zuniga for his questionable knee to Neymar's back in the quarters, but lets be honest, Neymar couldn't have help out that much defensively. Sure, the psychological effect it may have on the Brazilian team is present, but that should act as motivation for the team, and not contribute to the very (very) slow start.
     Germany came out the better team, lets see if a miracle can come Brazil's way to make this semi-final a bit more interesting. But with the Maracana swarming with celebrating Germans and absent Brazilians, do the host country have enough in them for a comeback. That we shall see in the last 45 minutes.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bouchard into the Wimbledon Final

       She is now the heavy favourite to win the 2014 Wimbledon title. Her name isn't Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, or last years champion Marion Bartoli. Her name is Eugenie Bouchard, from Westmount, Quebec, Canada.
       Bouchard is the first Canadian ever to reach a Grand Slam Final and has done it in great fashion. She has yet to lose a set at this years Wimbledon, and doesn't look like she will anytime soon.
In her semi final match against Simona Halep of Romania, Genie Bouchard and her "GenieArmy" of supporters took a tight first set win in the tiebreak followed by a convincing second set win, 7-6, 6-2. Halep struggled with her serve throughout the match, collecting 5 double-faults. Bouchard used that to her advantage late in the match, on route to her first Grand Slam Final. Though she show a slight glimmer of nervousness during the final few games, Bouchard looked comfortable moving around the court, backing up what she said after the French Open about grass being her strong point.

       Bouchard will now face 2011 champion Petra Kvitova, who is ranked 6th in this years tournament. Bouchard may be ranked 13th, but she is the favourite to become Canada's first winner in a Grand Slam. Young tennis players should be watching her closely, because Eugenie Bouchard has arrived, and she has no intention to leave anytime soon. She has captured Canadians' hearts, drawing nothing but positive attention to Canadian Tennis. No doubt, "GenieArmy" is about to become a world-wide tennis phenomenon.

2014 Free Agent Signings: All About Comfort, Chemistry

       As the July 1st has come and gone, some teams have improved, and some have not. Out of the major signings, the players and GMs were seeking more than just money/players. They were looking for comfort, for chemistry, for something that they were used to.
Starting with David Bolland, who made it public that he wished to stay in Toronto long term. They couldn't find a mutual agreement with numbers, and Bolland took to the waters of free agency. Where would he end up? Where else but to the GM who drafted him, Dale Tallon and his new team the Florida Panthers.
Tallon, who is slowly attracting former players of the Blackhawks to the Panther, is creating quite a team in Florida. Much like the Blackhawks, Dale Tallon is building from the draft, solidifying the centre position and, just recently in the draft, their defencemen (drafting Aaron Ekblad 1st overall).
Though Bolland has not mentioned the relationship much, there has to be a belief that he feels comfortable playing for Tallon, and vice versa.
       The next big signing is Ryan Miller with the Vancouver Canucks. Again, this goes down to the GM and player. Jim Benning, then director of amateur scouting,  was part of the Buffalo Sabres team who drafted Miller back in 1999. Of course, since then, Miller has made a name for himself, and with the Canucks looking for a veteran goalie, this move made sense. Everyone knows what Miller can do when he's at the top of his game on a good team, but Benning may know just a little more, having the confidence to pick Miller 139th overall.
       Another veteran goalie that made a splash July 1 would be Jonas Hiller. And where does comfort spring from? Brian Burke. Though Burke isn't the GM in Calgary, he still has some influence on GM Brad Treliving. Burke, now the President of Hockey Operations with the Flames, signed Hiller during his time in Anaheim. He had so much confidence in Hiller, that he put, then backup goalie, Ilya Bryzgalov on waivers and promoting Hiller to J.S Giguere's backup/successor. Hiller was good then, and is arguable better now. There is not doubt that Burke wanted to bring in a familiar face into his new team.
       Until now, it has been relationships between GMs and players. But players look for a fit on their new teams too, and it helps if the player knows a few old teammates.

       Soon after Jason Spezza was sent to the Dallas Stars, which free agent joined him? No one other than his, though only for a short time, linemate Ales Hemsky. Since his trade to the Senators back at the trade deadline, Hemsky found a fit on Spezza's wing, tallying 17 points (4 G, 13 A) in 20 games. The Stars, who already have Seguin and Benn as their first-line 1-2 punch, now have a 3-4 threat. The Stars look dangerous and could make a run at the Western conference powerhouses.
       The coveted leader in Brian Gionta made a surprise choice when joining the Sabres for the next three years. Gionta joins a (put it nicely) young group of players in Buffalo, joining another former leader of the Montreal Canadiens across the border. Gionta and Gorges led the Canadiens young group to the conference finals last season before being ousted by the Rangers. Buffalo could someday be similar, but no one can figure out why these two players would pick the Sabres as the next destination for their career.
       Islanders felt comfortable signing two former Leafs, Mikhail Grabovski and Nikolai Kulemin, for 4 years per. Kulemin and Grabovski, along with now Senator Clarke MacArthur were once the Leafs top line. Both had career years in 2010-2011, with Kulemin collecting 57 points (30 G, 27 A), as his centremen Grabovski wracked up 58 points (29 G 29 A). Since then, they have failed to adapt to the Leafs new style of play under Carlyle, with Grabovski being bought out last summer and Kulemin allowed to walk, after being the longest serving Leaf. Islanders hope this chemistry can get them some support up front behind Tavares.

       Even with the less sought out players relationships and comfort played more of a factor than in recent years. Brian Boyle chose Tampa Bay over Toronto for family reasons, but its rumored that former Rangers captain, now with the Lightning, had a influence in bringing Boyle in, along with fellow former Ranger Anton Stralman. Just recently, Tim Gleason has returned to the Carolina Hurricanes, months after being traded to the Leafs. Though Jim Rutherford is no longer there, Gleason knows the system and is back for another try.
       All in all, relationships can make a difference in attracting free agents. Players want comfort, and GMs look for comfort in players. More than ever, relationships have and will continue to play a huge role in the signings to come.

Monday, 2 June 2014

The LA Kings against "The King"

The Los Angeles Kings, coming off their dethroning of the reigning Cup champions, turn their attention away from the powerhouse Blackhawks to the defensively minded Alain Vigneault and the New York Rangers.
One can say that the Kings are the more experienced team, battling through 3 game sevens to get to the Finals, and winning the Cup in 2012. The Rangers, on the other hand, are appearing in the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 1994. To put that in perspective, Martin St. Louis had not been drafted yet, Dominic Moore and Brad Richards were 14, and the the remaining players on the current roster, were all under the age of 10.
But like the Kings, the Rangers are boasting a very defense minded game, supported by the strong play of the King, Henrik Lundqvist. Though it is his first appearance in a Stanley Cup final, Lundqvist is bringing a track record of stellar performances when it matters most. In the 2006 Olympics in Turino, Lundqvist backstopped Sweden to a gold medal finish. At this years Olympics, Lundqvist carried a offensively challenged Swedish team to the gold medal game, where he stopped 33 of the total 36 shots in a 3-0 loss to Canada.
Make no mistake, this series for the Cup will be a duel between the goaltenders. Both Jonathan Quick and Henrik Lundqvist have almost identical career playoff stats. Lundqvist posts 42-44 record, with 9 shutouts, a GAA of 2.23 and a SV% of .922. Quick, in his 5 seasons in the NHL, posts a 41-30 record, with 8 shutouts, GAA of 2.27 and a SV% of .922. Both goalies' have a unique style, using their athleticism combined with the butterfly to get in front of the puck.
The Kings, who have at times lacked the scoring ability during the regular season, seem to have found a way to get the puck to the back of the net throughout the playoffs. Niemi, Hiller/Andersen/Gibson, and Crawford, are some elite goalies, but none of them have earned a status anywhere near King Lundqvist. The LA Kings will have to have all their guns going to be able to beat Lundqvist, who may be the only Ranger who can stop the Kings, searching for their second Cup in 3 years. If the Rangers can ride Lundqvist to win 4 games, Lundqvist will be standing on top of the hockey world, with his crown and his Cup.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Different Medium, Different Audience

As more content becomes available through new media, older mediums, such as broadcasting, seek to keep up with the audience. The Internet is able to hold a diverse amount of information, showing both the content that the elite want and content that represents popular culture. Unlike broadcast television and radio, who's audiences are getting older and older, the Internet is able to attract many different age groups. Broadcasting is now, more than ever, trying to find the balance between popular content and content for the elite to maximize their viewers. Broadcast journalism, some who are publicly funded, rely too heavily on the government, possibly effecting the way/things they present to the audiences. And because of this relationship, television and radio are hesitant in reaching out to popular culture, presenting information to the mass population. With the aging population of television and radio audiences, broadcasters are reaching out to both the elites and popular cultures in different ways.
It is becoming harder and harder for broadcasters to decide on what content to produce on its networks or stations. Not only do they have to think about satisfying both elites and the mass population, they have to worry about the aging population of their audiences. Many of the younger generations don't turn to the television for information anymore. According to Michael Schneider, "the median age for the broadcast networks keep rising, as traditional television is no longer necessarily the first screen for the younger set." On one side, broadcasters want to show the younger side of news, merging it with pop culture, attracting younger audiences. On the other side, they don't want to lose the hard facts and seriousness of news that elites look for in content, not to mention the funds that they may be receiving from them.

Publicly funded broadcast networks have always had the ties with the government, always showing what the government wants. But when these networks try to remove that tie, they seem to compromise themselves. Trevor Butterworth states in his article, The Future of Journalism, "publicly funded news organizations may want to prove the independence by being highly critical of the government, but thinly veiled antagonism based on poor reporting or public prejudice has, for example, seriously damaged the BBC's credibility." To keep the balance between presenting elite content and popular content, broadcasters should distinguish a reasonable distance from the government, listening to what they want to see from the network, but still be able to stay independent. Broadcast journalists should still be able to give the information to the audience and allow them to control what they do with it, and not present information about how the government wants them to act. Credibility in the information presented will always bring the elite audiences to the news and content. So even though broadcasters may go against the government from time to time, presenting the truth will bring elite audiences to the television or the radio.

As the Internet further extends it reach into the journalistic practices, the more younger audiences will turn to it as a primary source of information. To maintain their status with that of the Internet, broadcasters must make room for the type of content that the Internet has, popular culture. Offering more popular content and will allow broadcasting to stay in competition with the Internet. The Internet may be able to hold many things, but what television and radio can offer the live visuals that Internet has but cannot sum up together in one location or period. The Internet has the content, but the information is sometimes fragmented, links that lead to the next, taking away from the attention span of the audiences. Television can reach the mass population by giving them a summary of a story or news headline in one place, putting the pieces together for the audiences so that they only have to pay attention to one thing, the person reporting.

The Internet has affected the balance between the elites and the popular in broadcasting, tipping broadcasters towards the elite, and taking the popular content onto the Web. Broadcasters can re-establish this balance by distinguishing a reasonable space between themselves and the government and presenting their own ideas and content for the mass population. Broadcasting audiences are aging, but by appealing to the mass population, they can slowly bring the younger generation and the viewers back to broadcast journalism.